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This section contains information relating to the integration of UPK with an LMS (excluding UPK's own Knowledge Center).

Generating files for the LMS

As for UPK 11.x, UPK will automatically generate the required LMS files during publishing of the Player. This is because 99% of the files are common between the Player and the LMS (only lmsmanifext.xml and a few other files are added for the LMS. There is therefore a single Deployment format Player and LMS. (In UPK 9.x/2.x the LMS option had to be selected separately.)

If you are loading your published Player into the LMS, then you probably want to select the Create zip file from published Player package option, and you can just load the generated ZIP file directly into the LMS. Otherwise, you will need to zip up the contents of the PlayerPackage folder yourself.

Under the Player and LMS Deployment Format, there is one block of information relvant to the LMS: LMS Options. The first field. SCORM version allows you to select the version of SCORM that you wnat to use. there have been some reported issues with integration to some LMSes, so if one version does not work for you, try the other.

Note that UPK will generate a single SCORM Package - which will equate to a single Learning Activity in the LMS - unless you use the Group for LMS option on any of the Modules or Sections in your published Outline. If this is not what you want, you will need to publish separately for each required Learning Activity.

Completion Tracking

An LMS will only identify completion of a Topic. It cannot track completion of a PowerPoint (or Articulate presentation). If it is necessary to confirm that a user has 'completed' a presentation, consider publishing Articulate in LMS form and using that.

The LMS will support See It!, Try It!, Know It?, and Print It! modes. Which one of these is required, is as follows:

  1. If Know It? mode is available then that is required, else
  2. If Try It! mode is available then that is required, else
  3. If See It! mode is available then that is required, else
  4. If Print It! mode is available then that is required

Obviously, for the Try It! and See It! modes, UPK can only tell if the user has 'completed' it - that is, gone from the Start Frame to the End Frame via one of the available paths. For Print It! mode, UPK simply knows if the document has been displayed. For Know It mode, the actual score is passed back to the LMS.

Information passed from UPK to the LMS

Internally, the following information is passed back:

  • lesson_status - completed, incomplete, passed, failed
  • score - Know It? mode score
  • time - The amount of time that the user spent on the topic
  • core_lesson - Status of the user across various playback modes if incomplete (not sure of format of this one).

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