Topic does not contain any frames in xxxx mode

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Error Message

The following error message is generated either during Publishing, or during Preview of a printed output document:

Topic does not contain any frames in <mode> mode.

Possibility 1: Print It mode has no texts available

Root Cause

The Topic (specified in the Publishing Activity Log during Publishing) has Print It! mode enabled, and is set to use the xxxx mode (as specified in the error message) texts, but there are no Frames within the Topic that are set to appear in that mode. This may be because all Frames have been deselected from that mode, or because therere is no text in any Frames that is tagged for that mode.


Either disable Print It! mode for the Topic, or correct the Frame display / text tagging as appropriate.

Possibility 2: No Frames set to display in the specified play mode

Root Cause

There are no Frames within the selected Topic that are set to display for the specified mode (in the Frame Properties > Show In setting), but the specified mode is enabled for playback (in the [Topic] Properties > Play Mode setting).


Either disable the mode specified in the error message for playback, or set at least one Frame to be displayed in the specified mode.

Note that if the Topic is a dummy (non-simulation) Topic and there are no play modes enabled for the Topic, you must still have at least one Frame set to appear in each of the three Play Modes. Otherwise you will still get this error.

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