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The following messsages are displayed, on a white screen, at the start of previewing a Topic:

This page was not displayed due to unsupported DMI settings
Update your settings to 96dpi or click here to display the unsupported version


If you just click the "here" link, the Topic will play correctly. however, you will get this message every time you play a Topic until you reolve this error.

Check your DPI settings in the Windows Control Panel. If they are not 96dpi, change them so that they are.

If your DPI settings are correct, then this error is most likely caused by a 'zoom' / 'scale' setting in internet Explorer. How to find this depends upon the version of IE you have, but you can try pressing CTRL+PLUS or CTRL+MINUS to zoom in/out to the default value, or press CTRL+0 to reset the zoom level to the default.

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