There is a problem with the server configuration...bindings may be mismatched

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The following messages are generated when you try to create a new Profile:

 There is a problem with the server configuration. See your system administrator with the following information.
 Content type text/xml; charset=utf8 was not supported by service <Library location>.svc. 
 The client and service bindings may be mismatched


You are attempting to connect to a (server) Library that is running a completely different version of UPK to the software on your PC (for example, the server has been upgraded to UPK 12 but you are still running UPK 11).


Find out what version of UPK the server is running, and then upgrade your client to that. Note that if you access multiple Libraries you should make sure they have ALL been upgraded to the same version, or else make sure you keep different versions of UPK installed on your PC so that you can access different Library server levels.

See also

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