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Custom Text can be tagged to appear in one or more of the following modes:

Print It! mode uses one of the three text modes above. You can also tag text to appear in print and/or online, which gives six combinations, as shown in the Display drop-down.

A good philosophy to use when tagging text for different modes, is to separate the text into instructions (which tell the user what to do) and data (the actual values to use). The text can then be tagged for the different modes, as follows:

  • See It! / Try It!: Display instructions and data
  • Know It?: Display data only
  • Do It!: Display instructions only

Consider using two sentences (or paragraphs): the first one with instructions, and the second with the data, to make tagging easier. For example "Enter the Customer ID of the customer for which you want to enter an order, into the Customer field. For this activity, you want to enter an order for customer 123456."

Note that Template Text is automatically tagged for different modes. If you want to change this, you need to insert the template text as custom text, and then change it. You can also influence the string input template text by playing with the string input options.


To tag text for a specific mode, highlight the text in the Bubble Text area, and then click on the appropriate button for that mode. If the button is 'sunken' (highlighted) then that mode is selected. If it is 'raised' (gray) then that mode is deselected. You can verify this by setting the display to the appropriate mode, and checking the bubble on the screenshot.

Text Tagging Buttons

Note that if you highlight text and select a mode, this may override any existing mode selections for the text - especially if your selection includes text for which different portions are already tagged for different modes. Always check your tagging by using the display drop-down to cycle through the various modes.

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