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If you cannot hear any sounds in the Player (but expect to):

  1. Check that you selected the Include Sound option (under Content) when publishing.
  2. Check that you selected the appropriate Play audio setting (under Player Preferences) when Publishing (in addition to the Include Sound option). Options are:
    • None: No sound will be played. even if you select the Include Sound option).
    • Keyboard and mouseclicks: Play UPK's built-in sound in response to user actions (typically, a short 'click' sound) - in See It! mode only.
    • All available sound: Play keyboard and mouseclick sound effects, all Frame-level sound files in the Topic(s), and any sound files attached to Web Pages - This is sound (such as voiceovers) that you added yourself.
  3. Check that sound has been enabled for the Topic in the appropriate play modes (Topic Properties > Topic > Play sound).

If you still can't hear any sound then check that you have Flash (version 9.0) or greater installed for your browser. UPK does not use Flash for delivering simulations (the Player is HTML/JavaScript only), but it does make use of the Flash add-in to play sound.

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