Selection Execute Error: An item with the same key has already been added

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Error Message

Following message is generated during Publishing.

Status Task Name Type Path Comment Ref. #
Error Player and LMS / Getting documents [{0}] odpub://root/selection.xml Selection Execute Error : An item with the same key has already been added. -213508975

Root cause

You are publishing a Player output format, and UPK has found multiple references to a single file that does not exist within the selected Outline and related documents. Each time that UPK finds a broken link, it stores the Document ID of the missing document into a temporary table. If it subsequently finds another broken link to the same document, it will attempt to enter the same Document ID into same table. When it does this, the above error is generated (the 'key' mentioned is the Document ID of the missing document).


Depending on the root cause, there may be a number of things to try. Some of these are listed separately below.

Imported content

Issue has been experienced when content has been imported from one Library, and had Glossary Links created in the original Library. The new Glossary was attached to the imported content but the Update Glossary Links utility was not run. Once Update Glossary Links was run, the error disappeared.

See Also links

If multiple Topics specify the same document in the See Also property and the referenced document is missing, this error will occur.

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