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Following message is generated during Publishing or Preview:

Screenshot missing for the frame: xxx 

There is no Frame with the specified ID in the Topic.

If you are seeing this message during Publishing, then no Document ID will be given alongside this message, which may leave you scrabbling in the dark. However, look further down the log and you'll see another message, viz:

Status Task Name Type Path Comment Ref. #
Warning Player and LMS / Creating hotspot images Screenshot missing for the frame: 185 0
Warning Player and LMS / Copying screenshots <Title> Topic /22391fc6-7be0-4443-8c25-a885e06a1301/185.png Document 'odlib:///22391fc6-7be0-4443-8c25-a885e06a1301/185.png' has never been checked in. The server copy cannot be published. 0

Note the screenshot mentioned in the first message is the same as the .png file mentioned in the second one. These are referring to the same error, and the errant Topic is mentioned in the second message.

Root cause

Typically, the manifest file (which identifies the assets for a Topic), or the topic definition itself, has become corrupted.


There are three options for resolution, explained below

Locate the missing Frame in the Topic Editor and delete it

Sometimes (on rare occasions, and usually only when the Topic contains Decision Paths), you can 'see' the missing Frame in the Topic Editor. Use the Next Frame / Previous Frame buttons (or the Alt+Cursor Key shortcut) to navigate through all of the Frames in the Topic. If you see one that has no screenshot and instead displays a warning icon (exclamation mark in a red triangle) then this is the errant Frame (you can also check the frame number, which should be shown). Sometimes this is only visible when starting at the End Frame and working backwards through the Topic. Use the Delete | Frame menu option to delete this Frame.

Edit the Topic in your local Repository

Find the checked-out version of the Topic in your Local Repository (see Contents of the Local Repository), open the topic.xml file for editing, locate the <Frame> section for the errant screenshot, which will typically look like the following:

<Frame ID="F185" Type="Normal">
   <Infoblocks />
   <Screenshot xlink:href="185.png" />

and remove it.

Re-create the Topic

Create a new Topic, and copy/paste all the Frames from the original into it. You can select all Frames by selecting the Path (Ctrl+Click) and then paste it into a new Topic. It will convert your Start Frame and End Frame to Explanation Frames, but you can cut/paste their content to the actual Start Frame / End Frame in your new Topoic then delete the newly-created Explanation Frames. Don't forget that you'll need to re-enter all Properties, re-do links, etc, etc. Oh, and you'll lose the entire version history, too. (The first option doesn't look so bad now, does it??)

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