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If a document has been deleted, it is not actually deleted from the back-end database; instead, it is simply flagged so that it no longer appears in the Library. You can display all such documents by displaying the standard Deleted documents view. By default, this view shows the Userid of the person who deleted it, and the date and time at which it was deleted.

To restore a deleted document:

  1. Select the document in the Deleted documents view
  2. Select menu option Edit | Restore

(You can also right-click on the document in this view and select Restore from the shortcut menu.)

The document will be restored to the folder form which it was deleted. If you don't know where this is/was, you can display the Original location column in the Deleted documents view, which will tell you this. Restoring a document will create a new entry in the Document History (in addition to the deletion, which also creates a new version).

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