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UPK will happily record drag-and-drop activities, but these can sometimes appear clunky (you can have many "keep dragging" Actions, depending on how far you are dragging the object. As an acceptable, slightly cleaner (but not necessarily 'true to life', consider recording it as follows:

  1. Click (and release) on the object to be moved, then press Print Screen
  2. Click and hold on the same object, and drag it to the destination, then press Print Screen
  3. Release the mouse button, then press Print Screen

This will create three Frames:

  1. A Left begin drag Action (it may be captured as Left Click - manually change it if necessary)
  2. One Drag Action
  3. A Left button up Action

For actions where you are just dropping an object onto an area of the screen this works well - just resize the Action Area on the Drag Action to cover the whole of the target pane.

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