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There will likely come a time when it is necessary to re-translate content that has already been translated - typically, because the source documents (in the original language) have changed. The easiest way to do this is to just re-export the original language content and have it all re-translated again. However, this is wasteful, especially if not all of the text has been changed. An alternative is to just cut/paste only the changed portions into a separate document and have that translated before cutting/pasting the new translations back into UPK, but this could impact text tagging, and is prone to error. Another method is explained below.


  1. Export the original language content for translation, in Word format.
  2. Export the local language content in Word format, and specify the local language as BOTH the source language and the destination language.
  3. In the exported local-language file (created in Step 2), cut all of the 'source text' and paste it into the the 'destination text' column.
  4. Copy the original language text from the 'source text' column in the original language file (created in Step 1) and paste this into the 'source text' column in the local-language file (created in Step 2).
  5. You now have a new 'local language' file that contains the new source language text, and the old local language text. Pass this to your translator, and have them confirm that the translation is still correct (unchanged content), and change it (in the 'target language' column - as usual) where it is not (changed content).
  6. Once you receive the updated file from the translator, import it again, as usual.

Note that this will only work if the source language and destination langauge content still has the same structure (for example, a Topic still has the same number of Frames, with the same Frame IDs, and so on).

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