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This normally only happens during publishing.

There are two possible causes:

  • Your PC does not have enough free memory that it can assign to UPK
  • UPK needs more memory than Windows is allowed to give it.

Your PC does not have enough free memory

UPK can be quite a memory hog. Shut down any non-essential programs (or everything except UPK). UPK itself also gradually consumes more and more memory, so you may find it helpful to close UPK and then start it up again 'fresh'.

UPK needs more memory than Windows can give it

Check the task OdDev.exe. This is the UPK executable. If this has in the region of 1,200,000 kb of memory assigned to it, then your problem is that UPK is trying to get more memory than Windows can give it. UPK is (as of version 12.1) a 32-bit program, and there is a cap on how much memory Windows will allow a 32-bit program to use. Further info from Oracle: "The .NET engine running UPK process manages memory usage dynamically. This means if memory is released at some point by user code then it is not returned to OS immediately. It is still allocated to the process for a certain time because re-allocating would be expensive and optimizer is expecting further user data allocations in the near future. Memory is released only later when garbage collector of .NET 'thinks' there is not so much activity any more so probably we don't already need so much memory. This is why we can't see the exact memory usage in process monitor but some kind of middle term peak usage."

If you have a very large Outline, then UPK could well need massive amounts of memory. Installing patch 23531410 (which fixed the compress utility not freeing up temporary storage), but if this does not help, you will need to reduce the size of your Player. Check for duplicate entries/branches, and eliminate these where you can. You may be able to perform several attempts at publishing and eventually it will work (as it will get a little further each time) but this is not a guaranteed (or long-term) solution.

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