Manually building Jump-in Points

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Placeholder while I work this out - to be completed.

Hyperlink format

The format of a Hyperlink for a jump-in point is as follows:


The three parameters are:

  1. Play Mode: S = See It! mode; T = Try It! mode; D = Do It! mode
  2. Fxx, where xx is the Frame ID of the frame that contains the Jump-in Point.
  3. Launched from jumpin point: "true" (or, presumably, false)
  4. Path (see below) - unsure, but I think it's used for context sensitivity

The hyperlink is calling a function called launchTopic that can be found in the 'parent' of the Concept Pane. I'm guessing that the 'parent' is toc0.html. launchTopic is defined in the following files in the PlayerPackage directory:

  • _toc0.js
  • _lmsui.js

toc0.html includes _toc0.js

In _lmsui.js, it is coded as:

function launchTopic(mode, frame_id, fromjumpin, path) {
   if (!statobj) {
       if (mode != null) {
           __mode = mode;
           __frame_id = frame_id;
           __fromjumpin = fromjumpin;
           __path = path;
       setTimeout("launchTopic()", 100);
   if (mode == null) {
       mode = __mode;
       frame_id = __frame_id;
       fromjumpin = __fromjumpin;
       path = __path;
   var fname = "launchTopic";
   if (_semaphore == true) {
       lms_LaunchTopic(mode);  // do setup for reporting mode completion
       if (isJumpInDialogOpen) {
           // close jumpin dialog
           if (_inToc)
           isJumpInDialogOpen = false;
       StartPlay(mode, frame_id, fromjumpin, path);
   _semaphore = true;

In _toc0.js it is coded as:

function launchTopic(mode, frame_id, fromjumpin) {
   // launch topic (in lms.js)
   this.frames["myconceptframeToc"].StartTopic(mode, frame_id, fromjumpin);

Looking at the version from _toc0.js it should be possible to call it directly from the Topic if there is a way of addressing toc0.html directly from within the Topic. Just need to figure out the (parent/child) relationship between the Topic and Toc0.html. May not be possible as it is a separate Window...

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