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The following messages (or similar) are generated during Publishing or Preview of a System Process Document.

Status Task Name Type Path Comment Ref. #
Warning System Process / processing topic sections odpub://int/SPD/OxmlPrint/Images/XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX/HS_xxx.png Invalid image format -819060177
Warning System Process / Zipping Word document File or folder not found: ...OxmlPrint/Images/XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX/HS_xxx.png 0


Note the HS_ in the error message. This refers to a hotspot. The problem is that UPK is trying to create the 'thumbnail' image for the hotspot area, and is not able to do so. Normally this is because the action area is too small (for example 1x1 pixels, or 0x0 pixels).


You need to find the Action Area that has the problem, and fix this. You may be able to find this by navigating through the Frames in the Topic Editor, but if you cannot, you can find it via the Topic.xml file in your Local Repository. How to do this is explained below.

  1. Check out the document that has the error. The Document ID is shown in the error message
  2. Go to your Local Repository and open up the folder for this document
  3. Open up the Topic.xml file.
  4. Search for the number of the hotspot in error. Just search for the number - not the "HS_" prefix. This will direct you to an <Action> tag similar to the following (in this example, we searched for "136"):
 <Action ID="A136" TargetFrame="F29" Type="Event">
   <Event Type="LClick2" />
   <ContextRef href="CC6886D6C-926C1EE7-4E510A3E-E4A459E6" />
     <Name _localizable="A136.on">Name 1</Name>
      <Hotspot Top="400" Left="640" Bottom="400" Right="640" />
   <ActionBubble PosX="489" PosY="324" Pointer="None" UseTemplate="false">
     <Bubble ID="BUB137" Width="0" Height="0">
       <BubbleText BgColor="#C0FFFF" _localizable="BUB137.txt">
       <fmt font="Arial;10">Double-click on...</fmt>
       <TemplateFont Name="Arial" Size="10">
         <LogFont Height="-13" CharSet="1" />
   <Sound xlink:href="136.wav" />
  1. Note here the <hotspot> tag. In this, the top-left and bottom-right coordinates of the hotspot are exactly the same. This is the problem: the Action Area is effectively 0x0 pixels.
  2. Scroll up in Topic.xml and find the Frame to which this Action Area belongs. Note that there may be more than one <Action> block - if there are multiple actions. This will be coded as:
 <Frame ID="F23" Type="Normal">
    <Infoblocks />
    <Screenshot xlink:href="23.png" />
  1. The Frame ID is the identifier of the Frame. Go to this Frame in the Topic, and you will find the errant Action Area. Resize this and the problem will be fixed.
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