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In UPK (UPK 12 ESP 2), the Record It! Wizard was replaced with a new function (UPK Developer Record It!), which allows users to create new recordings without having a full developer license. Record It! is not connected to the Library, so any recordings that are created using this function must be saved locally (by the recorder) and then sent (via email, shared LAN folder, etc.) to an Author who has full access to the Library, for loading into the Library. This page explains how to import this recording.


You must have received the Record It! output file from the Recorder. This will be a file with a filetype of .topic.


To import a recording into the Library, carry out the steps shown below:

  1. Select menu option Tools | Import | Topics from record It!. The Import topics from Record It! dialog box is displayed.
  2. Click the Browse button to the right of the Select content to import to field, and navigate to and select the .topic file.
  3. The Import content to field defaults to the currently-selected folder in the Library. If necessary, click on the Browse button to the right of this field, and select another location. (Note that this is different to the standard Import' feature, which defaults to importing content into the Import folder, and the previous Record It! Wizard which would always save recordings to the Record It Content folder.)
  4. If this recording has already been imported to the Library, then select the Overwrite existing documents checkbox, to overwrite the existing file. Note that this means the exact same recording (edited/saved by the recorder from the same original recording), and not just a recording named the same thing. This is because UPK still assigns a unique Document ID to the recording when it is created, and saves this in the .topic file.
  5. Click on the Import button. The Topic is imported (a progress bar is displayed while this is happening) and then the Import topics from Record It! Complete dialog box is displayed.
  6. Either click View activity log to display a list of Topics imported (there will be only one listed), or click OK to close the dialog box.

Other considerations

Recorders do not have any 'content default' options that they can set. This means that the Content Defaults will be applied when you import the content, and not when the recording is created.

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