I press PrintScreen but UPK doesn't record anything

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You start the Topic recorder (via the Developer Client or the Record It! Wizard and the Recorder panel is displayed, but when you press PrintScreen, nothing happens.


There are a number of reasons why this may be happening:

  1. Make sure that you click in the application that you are trying to record. Otherwise, the Recorder panel will be the 'active application', and UPK will not record itself. Think of clicking in the application and pressing PrintScreen for the first time as telling UPK which application you are recording against, so that it can start context capture.
  2. Make sure that you are using the correct capture key. The key (or key combination) that UPK will recognize is specified in the first line of the Recorder panel. This defaults to PrintScreen, but can be changed.
  3. Make sure that you are pressing the PrintScreen key. On some keyboards (particularly on laptops), you need to hold down the Fn key or Shift key before pressing the key that has "Print Screen" on it - check the color coding.
  4. If UPK freezes when you press PrintScreen (and you cannot click Author Notes, or Finish) then most likely UPK is attempting to capture context for the application, but is unable to do so for some reason (usually, it thinks it 'knows' the application, but does not - for example3, because it is a newer version than UPK knows about). In this case, try disabling context capture for this application. You may be able to do this in your User Options but you may need to edit the OnDemand.ini file.
  5. Check that you do not have anti-virus or intrusion prevention software that is preventing UPK from communicating with the application it is trying to record (Symantec Endpoint Protection has been known to do this).
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