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UPK 11 introduced the ability to hide a Frame altogether from a specific play mode. This is done via the Show in field, which is located immediately below the custom bubble text input box. By default, all possible modes are selected as follows:

  • See it! / Try It!
  • Know It?
  • Do It!

Note that this mirrors the text tagging (in that See It! and Try It! are combined, and there is no option for Print It! or Test It!).

To hide he current frame from a specific mode, simply deselect the checkbox for this mode in the drop-down list for the Show in field. The Visible in button for that mode will then be 'crossed out' with a red line, and the text "This bubble and screenshot will not appear in <mode>. Use the Show in: setting in the Frame Properties to change this behavior" will be displayed if you set the Display field to that mode.

Removing a Frame in this manner overrides any text tagging. That is, even if you tag text for a specific mode, but hide the Frame for that mode, the text will not be displayed (because the entire Frame will not be displayed). This is important to note if you tag the text for a mode after disabling the Frame for that mode, because the red line will be removed from the Visible in button for that mode, which implies that the Frame will then be displayed, when in fact it won't.

There is a further consideration when there are multiple Actions on a Frame. Effectivley, the Show in setting applies at the Action level and not at the Frame level. If you deselect a mode for the primary Action, but there is a secondary (or more) Action for the Frame, then the Frame will still appear, but wil show the secondary Action (because you have 'hidden' the primary action. In order to resolve this, you need to hide the Frame in the secondary action as well. Because the Show in field does not change when you switch to the secondary action, you need to do the following:

  1. Display the secondary action and select menu option Edit | Set action as default
  2. Deselect the mode (in which the Frame should be hidden) in the Show in field
  3. Go to the 'new' secondary action (which is the original primary action) and select menu option Edit | Set action as default

Note that sometimes this does not work (not sure why - will investigate). In this case, simply make sure that all text in the secondary Action is deselected for the mode (you may need to Insert template text as user text first, to do this.

In topic.xml, hidden play modes are identified by the <DisabledModes> tag, whcih exists on the <Action> element and not the <Frame> element.

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