Exporting content for translation

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  1. In the Library, select the conttent objects that you want to translate.
  2. Select menu option Tools | Export | Localization.
  3. The Export for Localization dialog box is displayed.
  4. Export content for localization to: Click on the Browse button and specify the file to which you want to save the exported content. You can choose a file type of .doc or .xlf.
  5. Under Selection Options, select whether you want to export only the selected documents or the selected documents and all related documents.
  6. Source language: Select the original (source) langauge of the content.
  7. Target language : Select the language into whcih the content is to be translated.
  8. Under Content Includes, select whether you want to export only the currrent version on the server, or any version that you have checked out to you (and if it is not checked out to you, the server version will be selected).
  9. Click on OK.

Pass the extracted file to your translator. When you receive it back, you can import the translation.

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