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You can export any Content Objects from the Library. You may want to do this as a backup (this is highly recommended in a Single-user installation), or so that you can import them into another Library (for example, if you have a Multi-Library installation).


To export one or more documents, carry out the following steps:

  1. Select the Content Objects, either in the Library or in an Outline Element
  2. Select menu option Tools | Export | Documents....
  3. Under Export content to, click on the Browse button, then navigate to the directory to which you want to save the export file, and specify a filename. The filetype will automatically default to .odarc.
  4. Under Selection options, select one of the following:
    • Export my selection to export only the selected documents.
    • Export my selection and related documents to export the selected documents and all Related documents.
  5. Under Content includes, select one of the following (only in a Client-server installation):
    • Export server content to export the latest version from the server (even if a more recent version exists in your Local Repository.
    • Export local content to export any local version of the document, if one exists; otherwise, export the server version.
  6. Click on Export.

Once you have created the .odarc file, you can import it (to the same Library or another Library) if necessary.


  • You cannot add Content Objects to an .odarc file. This means that you need to select all Content Objects at the same time. This may be problematic if you have Content Objects spread over several folders, but this can be mitigated by creating a Custom View that includes all required Content Objects.
  • You cannot 'export by State', which would be really handy!

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