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Message is generated during Import.

Root cause

You are trying to import a ddocument into the Library (from a .odarc file) and the document already exists in the current Library.

UPK uses the Document ID to determine whether or not a document already exists, so even if the original document has been renamed, it will still be identified as a duplicate. Note also that UPK will check the Deleted documents, so even if the original document has been deleted, UPK will not let you import a new copy.


  • If you know that the document exists, and you want to overwrite it, then select the Overwrite existing documents checkbox.
  • If you really do need to import a new copy, but want to keeep the original, then copy the original to a new document (which will give it a new Document ID - and also break any existing links), then delete and purge the original, and then you'll be ablee to import a new copy.
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