Document XXXX/manifest.mfx' has never been checked in. The server copy cannot be published.

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Error Message

Following message is generated during Publishing or Preview:

Status Task Name Type Path Comment Ref. #
Error Player and LMS / Getting documents [{0}] /xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx Document 'odlib:///xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx/manifest.mfx' has never been checked in. The server copy cannot be published. 677421808

Note the manifest.mfx in the message.

Root cause

A Content Object being published links to another Content Object that does not exist on the server. This is different from the case where the Content Object being linked to has simply been deleted (this generates a 'Broken Link' message) in that the content object being linked to has either never existed on the server, or did exist but has since been deleted.

Common causes

  • The Concept Page for the Topic (being published) has never been checked in (and you are not 'publishing local content'). or has been deleted.
  • The original Content Object being published (the one containing the link) was copied over from another Library; it linked to an existing Content Object in the source Library (which explains how the reference was in the manifest.mfx file, even though the linked Content Object does not exist in the Library or the Deleted Documents view, but this linked Content Object was not copied over to the new Library along with the linking Content Object.
  • The document was linked into the published Outline, but has since been removed from the Outline and deleted. This should not impact the publishing, but if your publishing takes a while, it may be that the object existed at the start of publishing (during the 'get documents' step) but was deleted before publishing actually processed these documents.
  • You are out of disk space for the drive on which your Local Repository is stored. When UPK tries to 'get' the documents so that it can publish them, it copies them to the Local Repository. if the disk is full then it cannot save this file, and subsequently determines it to be 'missing'. The chances are that if you receive the error for this reason, you will see a lot of these errors, as it will happen for every file (after the disk runs out of space).


Identify the Content Object that is causing this error. You may need to do this by trial and error. The easiest way to resolve this error is to re-copy the Content Object from the original Library, but this time making sure that you select the ...and related documents option. If this is not an option (because you no longer have access to the source Library, or because you have changed the Content Object in the new Library (although there are ways around this)) then check all of the links within the Content Object causing the error, and make sure that the linked Content Object exists. If it does not, remove the link.

Glossary errors

A common source of these errors (that is sometimes hard to detect) is that Glossary Links were created to a Glossary Entry (Web Page) in the source Library, but the Glossary Entry itself was not copied over. In this case, change the Glossary Property, and then regeneate the Glossary links.

Deleted documents

If the problem is that the referenced document has been deleted (check the Deleted documents view for a document with the Document ID specified in the message), and the deletion took place during publishing, then you may have a problem with the Incremental publishing], because the deleted document will remain as a 'valid' document in the saved files. The only way of fixing this is to delete the entire publication folder (the location to which you publish) and then do a full, clean publish.

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