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UPK contains a single Package for each output format. The package contains all of the files that control the formatting of that particular output format. These Packages can all be found in a subfolder of following folder in the Library:


Within that folder, there is a subfolder for each of the available Publishing Categories. By default (in a new installation), there is only one Publishing Category, which is (in UPK 11) called User Productivity Kit.

Copying the default Output formats

If you want to change the default Output formats, it is strongly suggested that you take a 'complete copy of the User Productivity Kit folder, and name it after your project, client, or whatever. The reason for taking a copy is that some of these files are notoriously 'sensitive', and at some stage you will need to revert to the original because you've broken something. Be warned.

Consideration for in-applicaton help

If you are using In-application Support, then if you use a custom Publishing Category you must also take a copy of the User Productivity Kit folder within the following folder:

  /System/Publishing/In-Application Support

You must rename this to be exactly the same thing as your custom Publishing Category.

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