Changing the string input background color for an entire Topic

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The String Input background color is set at the time of recording, and is governed by the recorder's Options (see Tools > Options > Content Defaults > String Input). It can be changed in the Editor, but needs to be changed individually for each String input Action Frame. If you have a simulation where this was set incorrectly at the time of recording, and there are a lot of string input actions, you can change this setting en masse, by editing the topic.xml file in your Local Repository.

This is not recommended and should only be done if you really know what you are doing.

  1. Check out the Topic.
  2. Locate the folder for the Topic in your Local Repository.
  3. open the topic.xml file in Notepad (or other text editor).
  4. Search for the text "Input BgColor". you will find a tag in the format <Input BgColor="#XXYYZZ"> where XXYYZZ is the hexadecimal value of the current string input background color. Make a note of this value.
  5. Determine the new background color, in hexadecimal. Note that XXYYZZ is actually BGR and not RBG as you would expect.
  6. Do a find/replace on Input BgColor="#XXYYZZ" and in the 'replace with' value, replace XXYYZZ with your new required value.
  7. Save and exit topic.xml.
  8. Make some change to the Topic in the Topic Editor (add a space or something).
  9. Check in the Topic again.
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