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The fonts used in a Topic can be set in your Developer Options (in which case they apply to all new recordings) or can be changed within the Topic itself (separate font buttons are available for Template Text, Custom Text and String input. If a Topic has been recorded (or edited) using the wrong font (family, size, or weight/emphasis) you can change it for an entire Topic (or multiple Topics).


Replace Font dialog box
  1. In the Library (or Outline), click on the Topic(s) for whcih you want to change the font.
  2. Select menu option Edit | Replace Font. The Replace Font dialog box is displayed.
  3. In the Find what fields, specify the font, size, and weight that you want to search for. You must specify at least one of these, which is less than helpful, but for String Input, you can just select a weight of Normal as all String Input will automaticaly be this.
  4. In the Replace with fields, specify the font family, size, and weight that you want to change the text to.
  5. If you want to replace the font in the selected Topics and any related documents, then select Include related documents.
  6. Specify the categories of text that you want to change, as follows:
    • Bubble text - Replace all Custom Text
    • Introduction/End frame text - Replace all text in the Start Frame and End Frame
    • String input text - Replace all String Input text
    • Template text - Replace all Template Text
    • Web page text - Replace all text in Web Pages attached to the selected Topics (for example, as a Concept Page)
  7. Click on OK.

Any documents changed will automatically be checked out to you.

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