Abort due to constraint violation

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The following messages are generated when you try to open UPK (Developer client or Record It Client):

Abort due to constraint violation
columns DOC_ID, VALUE, TYPE are not unique

Developer encountered a critical error and must be restarted. Exiting will close the application.

If possible, Developer will ask to save your work.

Root cause

Not entirely sure. The message indicates that there is more than one document with the same Document ID in the Library. Document IDs must be unique. If you can, check the Database to make sure it is correct. If this only happens to one (or at least not all) developers, then the likelihood is that this is related to the user's Local Repository, and the user has a new document (that has never been checked in) that happens to have the same Document ID as a document that already exists in the Library database (I don't know how this could happen, but I'm not that knowledgeable about how UPK generates Document IDs...). I've also noticed that the user does not have any documents checked out, and their 'W' folder (in the Local Repository) is empty. Again, not sure how this is possible.


Assuming that the error is limited to one user, the simple answer is to delete the user's Profile and get them to recreate it. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the user's Local Repository. This will be somewhere like C:\users\<userid>\Local\AppData\UPDev8
  2. Locate the UserProfiles folder
  3. Within this folder, locate the .xml file for the user's profile (they may only have one) and delete it.

When the user logs on again they will be prompted to create a new Profile, via the Profile Wizard.

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