A file with the same name already exists in this location: xxx/SPD/xxxxxxxx.doc

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The following message is generated during Publishing:

A file with the same name already exists in this location: xxx/SPD/xxxxxxxx.docx

Note that "SPD" may be replaced with other Document identifiers, and the file type may be .doc, .docx, or pdf, depending on the publishing options chosen.

Root Cause

You are attempting to publish an Outline Element that contains two Topics with exactly the same Name property, and have not selected the Use encoded file names publishing option.

UPK will quite happily allow you to have more than one Topic with exactly the same Name, because it uses its own 32-character Document ID as the unique reference. However, if you try to publish these Topics in one of the Document output formats, then UPK will (by default) use the Topic Name as the filename. When it tries to create the file for the second Topic (called the same thing) it will fail beecause the file already exists.


Either rename the Topics so that each Topic has a unique Name, or select the Use encodded file names option, which will cause the docuemnts to be saved using the Document ID and not the Name as the filename.

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